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What is metavs?

The MetaVS ecosystem aims to bring you not only one of the most lucrative passive income NFT projects in the world but also the biggest RPG MMO play-to-earn game in the world.


Our core values are a strong community and financial freedom and we believe one of the vital steps to achieving both of these is through passive income - this is why we are giving away 50% of all minting revenue as well as 50% of all future NFT sale royalties to holders via our NFT game.


We are also rewarding our MetaVS token holders with 50% of any revenue created by MetaVS token fees via staking.

MetaVS is a 3 phase project -

Phase 1
-Meta men NFT collection

-NFT game

Phase 2

-Meta women NFT

-MetaVS MMO RPG Play-To-Earn Game

Phase 3 

-NFT marketplace with a native token



MetaWomen Mint




The “MetawoMen” Collection will be launching in may 2022.

We will be launching 2 NFT collections with 5000 NFTs in each presale will be on May 9th, 2022 for 125 MATIC each and then 150 MATIC for Public Sale.

The NFTs will be released on the Polygon network and will be cyborg avatars for our upcoming MMORPG play-to-earn game.

The NFTs will be randomly minted on launch and then will be added Opensea once minted.

Once the NFT collection has been launched we will be giving back 50% of the revenue to NFT holders via our NFT game.


nft Game


The NFT game rules -

The 2 collections (5,000 NFTs per collection) will compete against each other each month in a trading war - the team with the highest transaction rate for the month will take the winnings which will be airdropped directly to the winning team's wallets.

For the first month, the winnings will be 50% of the NFT minting revenue (250 ETH) - this means for anyone who mints a MetaMen NFT will have a 50% chance of getting their initial investment back if their collection wins the trading war.


Moving forward the winnings will be 50% of the royalties generated by the 2 NFT collections each month - once the NFT project grows and floor price is raised the monthly winnings will increase and NFT holders will see fantastic returns each month.


MetaVs Token


What is metavs token?

The MetaVS token will be launched Q2 2022 on the polygon network. The token will have 3 use cases:

  • NFT Marketplace - MetaVS Token will be the native token or our NFT marketplace

  • Staking - Users will be able to stake MetaVS token LP where and receive 50% of any revenue made from token fees

  • MetaVS MMO RPG Play-To-Earn game - MetaVS token will be the native token and in-game currency for the MetaVS MMO RPG PTE Game






  • Total supply - 100,000,000,000

  • Fees - 10%
    - 2.5% marketing
    - 2.5% LP
    - 5% distributed to holders via staking

  • Distribution
    - 80% released to the public
    - 10% locked and reserved for game development

    -7% reserved for marketing/giveaways
    -3% locked for the team.

The token will be launched via presale and then will be listed on Uniswap the following day. The launch will be a safe launch with antibot measures in place.


Once we are listed on Uniswap, LP will be locked and we will then be listed on DEXtools, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap with some CEX listings pending.

NFT Marketplace


Once our MetaVs token presale is complete we will then launch our MetaVS NFT marketplace where NFT holders will be able to trade their NFTs without having to pay the Opensea fee.


Within our marketplace each sale will be made with our native token - MetaVS token, this is one of 3 use cases for our token. 

Our NFT marketplace will be your one-stop shop when buying/selling avatars, land, vehicles, tools, and weapons once our MMORPG play-to-earn game is released.




At the same time as our marketplace goes live, we will be launching our staking chest where holders of MetaVS can come and stake their tokens via LP staking - this is our second of 3 use cases for the MetaVS token.

Staking rewards will be 50% of the revenue generated by the MetaVS tokens monthly fees which will be airdropped to each user daily  - the more tokens staked the higher % of the reward earned.


Play-To-Earn Game


The MetaVS play-to-earn game will be released in 2 sections-


Release 1

The first version of MetaVS will be a futuristic PvP arena fighting game where users will battle against one another, level up their skills and upgrade their weapons (this will be done via our NFT marketplace). 

For each battle users will wager an agreed upon amount of MetaVS tokens in a winner takes all battle to the death - this is our third and final use case for our MetaVS token.

We will also hold tournaments where each user will pay an entry fee and those funds will then be distributed between champions. 


Release 2

The second version of MetaVS will be our MMO RPG where MetaVS token will be the native currency within the game.



MetaVS takes place in the world of NeoRen, a futuristic planet divided into different factions, and cities - each faction offers different types of enemies, resources, and quests to challenge players and help them level up their skills. Players can travel throughout NeoRen via a number of methods including on foot, hovercraft, or spaceship all of which will be able to be either purchased directly from our MetaVS NFT marketplace or minted once a player has acquired all necessary NFT parts which can be earned in-game or bought from the NFT marketplace.


Players are represented in the game with customizable avatars which they will create once joining, MetaMen and MetaWomen NFT holders can choose to have their NFTs as their avatars. 

MetaVS does not follow a linear storyline; rather, players set their own goals and objectives. Players can choose to fight non-player character (NPC) enemies, complete quests, or increase their experience in the available skills. Players interact with each other through trading, chatting, or participating in our PvP arena battles where players can battle to the death whilst earning MetaVS tokens. 



Q1 2022

- MetaMan NFT Launch

- NFT Trading War Game Launch


Q2 2022

- MetaWomen NFT Launch

- NFT Marketplace Launch

- MetaVS Token Launch

- Staking Launch


Q3 2022

- MetaVS Game V1 Release - PvP Arena Battle Play-To-Earn Game


Q4 2022/Q1 2023

- MetaVS Game V2 Release - RPG MMO Play-To-Earn Game


No upcoming events at the moment






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